The Unique and long-lasting game with cryptos intime

The Stable Game – Crypto, also Conventional

Both different, mixed.

Help to fund the project:


Has to be easy:
Has to be funny.

Games integrated with Crypto technology tends to be… not so funny. Even if it’s, the focus on money makes you forgot about fun, and thing about earn.


Game with no game but investing, is not a game…

…but an investor gambling interface experience.
Crypto games are about earning money as a player, not just for fun: playing becomes an inevitable step rather than something you want to do.
We know, we like, but…
We have something to offer.


Something to offer,
for all kind of people.

Both, the good and bad can integrated into a superior being: Something better no one witnessed.


Our vision

for creating a new concept

Details would have to be released, but no one did it before.
Meanwhile, we would talk only about what we can.

Help us to make it happen: Help us to make it real

You can donate money to make possible an intensive developing;

No chains, just blockchains

for everyone, no matters where

The global focus above all makes us think not on you but about everyone. That means many things, we decided to add a lot of unique features which are absent in other games.


Multiple players, not multiplayer

Focus would remain on single player, but you would all be able to communicate. Should be able to visit other people’s houses.


Journey before destination

What most matters is not to reach the goal, but the way used to. As players, you should get it: Play is about relax, emotions: Fun, not just money.


Everyday, a day

The final goal, is to make every day different: That means from special dates up to small weekly events, changing day… differing for each region.


It’s a secret to everybody

Even if we release some demos and in-game takes, we will keep the internal functionality in high secret. Further details will come on the future.


For Investors: Security and money

As investor, we guarantee at least 25% of the investment:
You can withdraw it whenever, but also stop to receive shares.

Same as always, new approaches

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Why We Are The Best

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